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Is there something holding you back from living your best life?

Are you ready to make a change but not quite ready to commit to a full RTT Hypnotherapy cycle? Look no further! I am offering a customized audio experience tailored to your exact needs. With my personalized recordings, you can take the first steps towards creating the change you desire. Simply fill out an intake form, I will review it, and then create a personalized recording just for you. Don't wait any longer, start your journey to transformation today!

Limited spots available

Get Your Customized Audio to Help Move You Towards Unstuck Today!

I get it. Deciding to take the plunge into a full RTT Hypnotherapy session cycle can feel like a big step. Maybe you’re not quite ready for that commitment, or perhaps you're uncertain about what to expect. That's completely normal. The important thing is that you recognize the need for change and you're ready to explore solutions that can truly make a difference.

What are you waiting for?

Only limited spots are available per month.

Don't wait to ensure that you get yours right away.

Here's What You Get

A link to our intake form.
You will immediately be sent a link to our very detailed intake form. This is how we will get really clear on what you are looking to accomplish.

Once I receive your information and go over it in great detail,
I will send you an email if there are any questions that I have or need clarification so we can get VERY specific on what you need.

After all the details have been worked out, I will create your personalized audio within 48 business hours along with and feedback I may have for you to move forward.

You will listen to your customized audio for at least 21 days and watch the transformations begin to take place.Easy peasy!


I'm Not Anxious & Sleeping Better!

My first week went awesome!! I did so well with staying at work not leaving early or getting anxious. I listen to the recording every night when im going to sleep and then I also listen to it when im cleaning or folding laundry. I feel really really awesome, I’ve even been sleeping better too. I don’t know if it’s that i’m not anxious going to work but i’ve been getting 8-9 hours of sleep every night when before I was getting 5-6 and managing! Thank you so so much!

I Swear it Works!

Started my recording listening again when I came back home and I swear it works. This week has been amazing. Ate clean all week and feeling great. Avoiding weighing in, focusing on how I feel

I'm More Confident!

Hello! I’ve been listening and I just feel good. It seems like I’m more confident in trying new things and maneuvering through life

Very Much Empowering!

When I was in deep confusion, feeling lost, I found Stephanie. Her session was very much healing, and you can feel her compassion. Her RTT helped me everyday. While I was listening to her customized recording, I would fall asleep knowing that my subconscious mind will go deep into changing my belief system. Having her voice telling you that you are totally worth it, is very much empowering.  You can trust Stephanie and her RTT. I think all changes start at the moment of your believing it. 

Don't Hesitate Any Longer.

Start the transformation you've been seeking by getting yours today!

What's The Difference Between Regular Hypnotherapy and RTT Hypnotherapy?

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Meet Stephanie Borges

A dedicated RTT Hypnotherapist based in the beautiful New England area. I have a deep passion for helping individuals transform their lives through the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy, or RTT. With a background in hypnotherapy and a love for exploring the mind's potential, I specialize in guiding my clients to overcome their deepest challenges and achieve profound, lasting change.

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