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Alive and Free


Liberate yourself from the chains of addiction and negative patterns. Alive and Free is your pathway to breaking free from the grips of addiction, anger, and deep-seated fears and phobias. Stephanie's transformative hypnotherapy techniques address the root causes of your struggles, offering a new lease on life where you're in control, free from the habits and fears that once defined you.​

  • Addiction: RTT Hypnotherapy targets addiction at its roots, replacing destructive patterns with healthier habits.

  • Gambling: Through RTT, we reframe beliefs around gambling, empowering self-control and balanced choices.

  • Alcohol: RTT helps transform the relationship with alcohol by addressing emotional reliance and fostering sobriety.

  • Fears and Phobias: Using RTT, we confront fears by rewiring beliefs, fostering courage and confidence.

  • Standing Up to Bullying: RTT builds resilience against bullying, fostering self-worth and assertiveness.

  • Stress: RTT tackles stress by relaxing the mind and providing tools for resilience.

  • Anger Management: Through RTT, we address anger by understanding its roots and fostering emotional regulation.

  • Free from Grudges: RTT facilitates forgiveness and emotional freedom, releasing resentment and promoting peace.

  • Screen Addiction: RTT addresses emotional triggers and patterns driving screen addiction, promoting mindfulness and balanced lifestyles for real-world fulfillment.

Break Free, and live life on your own terms

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