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Alive and Vibrant


Step into a world where wellness and vitality are within your reach. Alive and Vibrant addresses the physical barriers to living your fullest life, from managing chronic pain and autoimmune issues to achieving your ideal weight. Stephanie's approach integrates hypnotherapy with holistic wellness practices, guiding you to a state of health where your body and mind synergize, allowing you to experience life with renewed energy and vibrancy.

  • Wellness: RTT fosters positivity, boosts confidence, and nurtures self-compassion.

  • Weight Management: RTT addresses unhealthy eating habits, diminishes cravings, and promotes healthier choices while fostering a positive body image.

  • Pain Management RTT employs relaxation techniques, tackles emotional blocks, and provides effective coping strategies.

  • Auto Immune Conditions: RTT supports the mind-body connection, reduces stress, and promotes balance within the body's systems.

  • Self-care: It's emphasized through nurturing habits, setting boundaries, and fostering inner peace.

  • Chronic Fatigue: RTT identifies underlying emotional factors, restores energy levels, and instills sustainable habits.

  • Pre and Post-surgery: RTT prepares the mind, accelerates recovery, and supports natural healing.

  • Sleep: quality improves by reducing insomnia and promoting relaxation. Exercise Motivation: Overcome barriers and boost enjoyment.

Experience the joy of living a life that's as vibrant and alive as you are

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